New Server!

January 22nd, 2010

As many of you may have noticed, at around 6:30 AM on Friday (Jan. 22nd), went offline. Something happened at our hosting service (we’re still not really sure what) with our server, which wiped out all of Omjii’s data. Hence the site going offline.

Fortunately, we backed up our server only a few days back! At the time of this posting, all data has been successfully recovered. Excellent news. However, we’ve switched servers.

Previously, we were using a cheap-o server at a company that’ll remain unnamed here. That server ran all right most of the time, but tended to get really slow at times and at other times produced random glitches and errors that messed with the site.

No more shall that happen. Today we’ve switched to the excellent, excellent people at Arvixe for our hosting and server needs. The new server we’ve got is nice, shiny, big, clean, and crazy fast. Like, race-horse duct taped to a scud-missile fast. We luurrvvee it. :)

So, our new server is quite amazing and most excellent. However, repointing our URL away from our old servers and at our new servers requires something called DNS propagation. If you’re interested, the Wikipedia article linked to there provides plenty of technical info. For those who couldn’t care less about the tech side, however, all you need to know is that when you change what site a URL leads to, the change isn’t instantaneous. Because of how the Internet works, different areas will get the updated URL at different times, meaning Omjii will remain broken longer for some of you than others. Propagation should only take up to 24 hours, however, so by tomorrow everything will be back to normal.